A Fun Evening With Good Food and Red Wine

Yesterday me and my best friend Sarah had really fun and lovely evening at her house, it was after 10 PM and the children were sleeping already, as we usually do, we opened a bottle of red wine, which in this case was the well-known ‘Penfolds Grange Hermitage 1951’, it’s an Australian wine and it is one of my favorite so far and also Sarah’s.

Cheers with red wine

What I must mention about this particular wine is that it’s smells delicious… and the taste is even better, I like to drink it along with a hot meal, such as meat, rice and salad, when I am eating at the Australian restaurant I’ll always order this type of wine, when I was in Australia I bought 4 bottles of the Penfolds Grange Hermitage, now only 2 left.

So we were sitting and talking about life, work, family and what not, the evening was perfect and I can’t wait for out next meeting, we’ve eaten tasty food that Sarah made for us in advance, I am so grateful that I have such a great friend and an amazing cook too. She also taught me how to make some of her best recipes.

What you don’t know about my friend Sarah is that she is a Chef in a private restaurant, where people come to eat and celebrate, she is also a mother of 3 adorable children, and a friend of mine since we we’re young. We met in high school in a Japanese cooking class.

Once a month we are doing this kind of evening, having some good food, and obviously, high quality wine, after such an evening, drinking 2-3 cups of wine, I am always sleeping my best sleep.

Friends drinking wine at the bar

To finish this post, I’d like to give you my advice, grab your phone and call to one of your friends, ask him/her if they want to have a nice evening with some music, food and wine, and then make it a habit.

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