Recommended Wine Bar in New York: Have & Meyer

Friday evening Dennis and I decided to go out to sit in a wine bar, to eat something special and to order a few glasses of wine. We wanted to find a place that serves a varity of red and white wines, after asking some friends and searching online we’ve decided to try a place called ‘Have & Meyer’, and I must say, it was a great choise.

Have and Meyer

First of all, I love Italian food, so it’s already a great start, because Have and Meyer is not only a wine place, but also a highly rated Italian restaurant that offers the combination of Italia and America in one place. We came around 8 PM so we ordered dinner, I love Italian pasta so I tried the PAPPARDELLE with Ragu which was delicious. Dennis ordered the Angus Filet & Radicchio Trevisano and he said it’s also recommended.

For dessert we ordered 2 dishes and we split them, the Chocolate Souffle and the Tiramisu, both were great. Every bite of the food was delicious but now I’d like to talk about the wines, the variety of wines at this restaurant is huge, Dennis ordered 2 glasses of Monocromo Bianco which is a white wine, and I ordered a red wine called Brunello di Montalcino which was definitely worth the price.

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The atmosphere at the restaurant is nice, the music is Italian, and the waites serves well, they are very nice too. We found our selves sitiing there for more than 2 and a half hours, from 8 PM to 10:40 PM, enjoying and chilling out with our wine glasses, it was a great experience for both of us and I’ll definitely come back again.

While we were eating Dennis told me he is living in Moscow, and that he has great friends from all around the world, together they learn ‘Kabbalah’ which is the wisdom of connection, it sounds very interesting and I am about to do some research on the subject.

Back to the delicacies, I want to mention that the Italian wines are excellent, I’ve tried a couple of different wines in the past and all of them were top of the line, personally I prefer red wines, maybe it’s because I am a woman.

At 10:40 PM Dennis said that he still wants something sweet and he suggested that we’ll go to the nearby ice-cream shop, while walking we spoke about life and I was privileged to learn a lot from him, the main thing I learned is that all of the problems in the worldcan be solved by the right connection between people, which is ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’, and that this is the only real religion.

From here to there, we went to eat at ‘Davey’s Ice Cream’ since it is close by and they are open until 11 PM on Friday, it’s not the first time I’m eating in this place, they know how to make chocolate ice cream.

Davey’s ice cream

They closed at 11 PM so we had to move on, each one to his place, the food we ate was absolutely great, and I am delightful that I have a new friend that I can talk with about the small stuff and even about the important things, such as the purpose of life.

Next time Dennis and I will go out to drink, we will go to the ‘Brooklyn Winery’, I’ve been there in a wedding which was great and I heard a few good things about the place. In addition, we also want to try the ‘Black Mountain Wine House’, it’s also a recommended point for wine lovers in New York.

To finish this post, I’d like to thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll check out ‘Have and Meyer’ abd some of the other restaurants mentioned below next time you’d like to drink a good wine.

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